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Overseas Pakistanis who have proceeded abroad after 23rd March, 1979 on valid protected work visa by the Protectorate of Emigrants, Bureau of Emigrations and Overseas Employment/ OEC, Government of Pakistan are automatically registered with OPF and can avail the services of OPF. Those Overseas Pakistanis, who are not registered with OPF can do so by getting themselves registered voluntarily with OPF after paying Rs. 2,000/- each once for all.
As per available data of BE & OE 4.9 million Pakistani workers had proceeded abroad after clearance from the offices of Protectorate of Emigrants.
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Compulsory Membership   Membership Forms
As per Emigration Ordinance 1979 any Pakistani proceeding abroad on employment visa duly protected by the Protector of Emigrants will automatically become eligible for OPF membership after depositing an amount of Rs.2,000/- in a Bank. Such Overseas Pakistanis remain OPF members as long as they stay abroad. However they are entitled to OPF benefit/services rendered by OPF for a period of three years after their permanent return to Pakistan. Membership Forms can be obtained from:
  • OPF Head Office.
  • Regional Offices.
  • Pakistan Mission Abroad.
  • OPF Web Site.
  • Photocopies of the form are also acceptable.
Voluntary Membership Check Card Issuance Detail
Initially compulsory membership was the only type of membership in OPF. Later, with the permission of the board, it was decided that those Overseas Pakistanis who proceeded abroad before or after promulgation of emigration ordinance in March, 1979, without any protection of the visa from Protector of Emigrants, may also be allowed OPF membership after payment of the required membership fee on voluntary basis. Here is Current and Previous Month Data.You can Search your Card Registration Detail by Name and Passport No.
Procedure for Membership
  • Duly filled application form.
  • Enclose two coloured photographs of the size 1" x 1" for your membership card.
  • Membership Fee in the form of cash, personal cheque, money order and postal order will not be acceptable.
  • The Bank Draft / Pay Order must be drawn on any bank in Islamabad (Pakistan).
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