Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development, Government Of Pakistan

Merit Awards scheme was initiated to recognize the talent and performance of children of overseas Pakistanis who excel in their board & university exams. Details of these cash awards are given as under:

Merit Awards Amount

Middle Rs. 7,500/-
Secondary Rs. 9,000/-
Intermediate Rs. 15,000/-
Graduation Rs. 22,500/-
Post Graduation Rs. 30,000/-
Professional Colleges Rs. 30,000/-

Eligibility Criteria

Children of OPF registered overseas Pakistanis are awarded cash awards upon securing 80% and above marks in their Board and University exams, from Middle to Post-graduation level.


Since 1992, 839 eligible children of overseas Pakistanis have been granted cash awards alongwith certificates of academic excellence. OPF has, so far, spent an amount of Rs. 3.76 million on this award program. In the year 2015-2016, 55 talented awards were distributed amongst the children of overseas Pakistanis by spending 0.616 million rupees.

New Initiative

OPF is working on developing an Education Support Package for the bright children of overseas Pakistanis. Under this scheme a fully funded scholarships would be awarded to those children of overseas Pakistanis from OPF schools who display academic excellence and attain top positions in their Board exams. These bright children of overseas Pakistanis will also be given an opportunity to pursue their further education at OPF Girls College, Islamabad and OPF Boys College Islamabad free of cost. Education Support Package will cover their tuition fee as well as hostel charges.