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Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistan and Human Resource Development Sajid Hussain Turi has taken serious notice of the complaints of overseas Pakistanis regarding delay in development of OPF Valley Phase V, Islamabad and paid a surprise visit to the site wherein he listened to the problems of the affectees.
He said that Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has clear directions that the problems of overseas Pakistanis should be resolved on priority basis. He said that he would personally go to various departments and ministries to resolve the problems pertaining to OFP Valley Islamabad.
Sajid Turi said he was shocked by the delay in the development process adding the previous government was playing politics in the name of rights of overseas Pakistanis through false claims and promises. He further said that the problems of overseas Pakistanis had increased during the previous government and Imran Khan should apologize for not solving their problems and not giving them their due rights.
Federal Minister Sajid Turi has said that he is receiving numerous complaints from Pakistanis abroad from all over the world. He expressed if OPF Valley Islamabad was developed in time and owners would have built houses, markets and shops that had increased foreign remittances and reserves manifolds. The Federal Minister said that overseas Pakistanis have invested their hard earned money in the OPF Valley and it is the responsibility of OPF to develop and deliver on time stressing no more negligence will be tolerated in this regard. Mr.Sajid Turi directed constitution of la high-level committee comprising officials of all relevant and also members from Owners Association to resolve all grievances related to OPF Valley on an urgent basis. Mr.Sajid Turi said that overseas Pakistanis are the most valuable asset of the country.

Note:- Please take a look at Sajid Hussain Turi (@SajidTuriPPP): https://twitter.com/SajidTuriPPP?t=atiBvBqobWHjkdaAQWZirA&s=08

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