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LONDON: Prime Minister Imran Khan’s friend and British Pakistani businessman Aneel Musarrat has revealed that Pakistani premier will announce the five million houses project next week and at the same time measures will be taken to revamp the legal framework around the housing projects and banking laws.

5m homes project will reinvigorate economy, says Aneel Musarrat

In an interview with The News/Geo here, Aneel Musarrat said that the prime minister’s task force on housing has been working hard to take the project to the announcement level and the PM himself will be making the announcement. “We will take overseas housing expertise to Pakistan to help Imran Khan’s election manifesto in which he promised to build five million homes. We will help execute his vision into a reality by building 5 million homes. Pakistan will benefit from this project, as it will end joblessness and will create at least 600,000 jobs besides reinvigorating the industry. More than 200 components will be needed to build each house which includes cement, nails, iron, sand, stones, wood and so much more and all of this will be produced in Pakistan. This project will help open the closed industries. The whole sector will see new life infused into it,” said the businessman who has been dealing in the housing sector from the age of 18 when he left school in Manchester to start his own business

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