Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development, Government Of Pakistan

The Government of Pakistan attaches high priority to the overseas Pakistanis and is keen to promote, nurture and sustain a mutually beneficial and productive relationship between Pakistan and overseas Pakistanis. Currently over nine million Pakistanis or more than four percent of the country’s population are residing in 115 different countries around the world. The overseas Pakistanis are playing a pivotal role in the development and growth of their homeland through remittances.  As per directives of the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development the Overseas Pakistani Advisory Council (OPAC) is being revived/re-activated in order to have a broader perspective and understanding of the problems/issues faced by overseas Pakistanis throughout the world. The council to consist of notable overseas Pakistanis, working/settled in different countries who have made valuable contributions for the cause of country of origin as well as for the betterment of Pakistani community. OPAC will also suggest corrective measures as well as steps required to address the various issues facing Pakistani community. Besides, OPAC will also assist OPF to create awareness about various services offered by OPF for overseas Pakistanis as well as their dependents.Pakistani Missions abroad have forwarded nominations of notable overseas Pakistanis who have substantially contributed to the cause of Pakistan and overseas Pakistanis in their host countries. However, it was felt necessary on the part of OPF to form a homogeneous group by inviting nominations of prospective members through its website.


The OPAC to comprise of 50 members, with regions-wise representation of high overseas Pakistanis concentration areas i.e., Middle East, Europe, Americas and Rest of the world. Prospective overseas Pakistanis who fulfills the requisite laid down criteria are encourage to register, but not later than the cut-off date i.e., May 7th, 2019.


  • Advisory board membership is selected to provide the mix of expertise necessary to advance the welfare of overseas Pakistanis as well as in accordance with the Vision & Mission of OPF;
    • The Advisory Council consists, inter alia, of reputed individuals from overseas Pakistanis who are committed to, individually or collectively, to address issues related to overseas Pakistanis abroad.
    • Well reputed overseas Pakistanis including philanthropists, technocrats, social workers, businessmen etc. who have substantially contributed to the cause of Pakistan and overseas Pakistanis in their host countries.
    • Nomination to be duly endorsed by the respective Pakistan Mission abroad.
    • Engaged in a reflective, self-evaluative process to improve the effectiveness of the Council.
    • Should maintain good reputation and not involved in any anti Pakistan activities as well as financial scam etc.


  • The OPAC members to maintain close liaison with Pakistan community in the host country and will highlight the problems being faced by overseas Pakistanis abroad.
  • To act as an effective communication link between the community as well as the relevant stakeholders i.e., OPF and concerned Pakistan Mission abroad.
  • To suggest proposals regarding policy formulation beneficial to overseas Pakistanis.
  • To suggest measures for the welfare and betterment of Pakistanis living abroad.
  • To motivate local Pakistani community to send remittances through legal channels.
  • To maintain close liaison with local authorities for the benefit of Pakistani community.
  • To assist and arrange meetings with Pakistani community as well as local authorities in collaboration with Pak Mission during visits of various delegations of Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & HRD/OPF from time to time.
  • To advise on any other relevant matter.

Terms and Condition

  1. Members of the advisory council will serve in their individual capacity for a period of two years. OPAC member extension, if any, will be considered by the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development on the basis of achievements and overall performance.
  2. An internal committee of Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development consisting of Senior Joint Secretary as Chairman, MD OPF and DG (Welfare & Services) OPF will be constituted which will meet on monthly basis to discuss various proposals/action required on the recommendation of OPAC.
  3. No member will collect funds or use his position for his/her own business or interest.
  4. Members of OPAC will abide by the terms and conditions set for such members and will take keen interest in the affairs of the council.
  5. Member of Advisory Council may be removed with the approval of Secretary, Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & HRD if they fail to fulfill the responsibilities outlined within these terms of reference/being dormant or inactive.
  6. Members will not conceal any information with regard to any offence committed or had criminal record etc. concealment of facts will lead to disqualification of membership.
  7. Efforts will be made to ensure balanced geographical and gender representation having different background, experience and professional expertise.
  8. Registration process to be completed in specified period as advised by the management. Those who do not respond and fill the required formalities for membership within 30 days, alternative members will be selected.
  9. Consecutive three absences from meetings will suspend/terminate OPAC membership.
  10. Efforts will be made to hold Skype meetings of various regions to avoid inconvenience to members. However, for annual meetings, members are required to attend personally.


  • The member of OPAC to serve on voluntarily basis; no monetary benefit will be admissible.
  • The Private Members may participate in the activities/meetings arranged by the Pakistani Missions abroad and OPF in Pakistan at their own expense.


  • Director (II)Welfare & Services DivisionOPF Head Office Building Shahrah-e-Jamhuriat,Sector G-5/2, Islamabad, Pakistan.

    Phone: 051 9217357 & 9048496

    Website: opf.org.pk, Email: [email protected]