Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development, Government Of Pakistan

OPF provides free ambulance service for transportation of the dead bodies of overseas Pakistanis from all international airports of Pakistan to their native towns. The transportation of dead body of an overseas Pakistani is usually the contractual obligation of the employer or the company where an individual is employed. If the employer refuses to bear the cost of transportation of dead body and the family’s financial position is not good, then concerned Pakistan Mission abroad use to undertake the responsibility to transport the dead bodies. PIA transport dead bodies of Overseas Pakistanis free of cost from where it is operating as a result of efforts of OPF.


  • The legal heirs may authorize a person of their confidence in that particular country to pursue the transportation of dead body case by executing an Attorney.
    The attorneys obtain NOC from Consulate / Embassy.
  • The following information is required by OPF for transportation of dead bodies.
    • Flight No.
    • Date of departure.
    • Time of arrival.
    • Contact number of person in Pakistan who coordinates with OPF officials.
    • Complete Address of deceased of native town.
  • OPF Contact number UAN-111-040-040