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Mehmood Bhatti

Fashion Designer


Mehmood Bhatti is a Pakistani French fashion designer. Born in Lahore, Pakistan, Bhatti immigrated to France in 1976, where he established himself as fashion designer.


An internationally applauded Pakistani French Designer, Mehmood Bhatti belongs to Lahore but has spent almost 35 years in Paris. In 1977, he got his graduation from Government College University and for further studies he went to Paris and completed his MBA there, when he left for Paris he had no money but he soon found a job in a retail boutique, where he was appointed as a cleaner, then a packager and then became a gregarious salesman. After struggling a lot he pursue a career in fashion designing in 1980 and established his own retail outlet. In a limited time, he flourished his business and now almost five hundred designers are working for him. Bhatti is his brands name which is a multi-million dollar Translatic Company. In almost ten countries he has established his company and had a turnover of about 150 million francs and Paris City Hall has rewarded him a special medallion “Travail et Merite” for his achievements.

Bhatti was renowned as the best manufacturer of the Sebtier in 1990 and almost nine million people saw his documentary film in 1996. Bhatti leading in the fashion industry of the world, Paris, France is recognized among the paramount fashion designers of the world.

Moreover he has received Sitar e Imtiaz on 23rd March 2004, which is the highest honour bestowed to a civilian. In his autobiography that is “Another Life in Paris” much of his early life has been documented and even in the docu-film La Verite Si Je Mens (The Truth If I Lie).

Bhatti is leading in the fashion industry of the world, Paris, France. He is recognized among the paramount fashion designers of the world. In Finland, Japan, UK, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, India and Taiwan he has established its brands outlets. He designs both for Men and Women and his products includes bridal and formal wear, Shirts, pants, evening and party dresses and many more.

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