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Syed Rizvi

United States of America


Syed has designed a device, now being used by UPS, which means huge loads can be carried on a trailer and pulled effortlessly by a cyclist.


Pakistan-born student Syed Mazahir Rizvi had scored First Class honours in his Electrical and electronics engineering degree and was offered a Vice-Chancellor’s research scholarship to move straight on to the net neutral trailer concept, which will earn him a PhD. His supervisor is Professor Simon Iwnicki who heads the University’s Institute of Railway Research.

Syed and Professor Iwnicki attended trials of the trailer that were conducted in Camden by UPS. Before this, a prototype was successfully tested on streets around the University of Huddersfield’s campus.

Now that the net neutral trailer concept has been proven, Syed – who is convinced of its potential in helping create greener city centres worldwide – is carrying out further work on the theory behind the system and investigating further improvements.

Professor Iwnicki is also convinced of the benefits of the project, stating that it “has the potential to transform way packages are delivered in urban areas”.

UPS has calculated that each “super trailer” can replace one diesel truck. Its goals include rolling out the system across London and in cities such as Paris, Tokyo and Beijing.

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