Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development, Government Of Pakistan

In order to enhance the existing capacity of the Organization the current OPF management has redefined the role of Training Division as “Research, Training and Policy Reforms Division” in addition to its existing scope of establishment to conduct research and analyze ways and means to effectively augment the role of overseas Pakistanis and engage them in national development. This Division not only works as a Think-tank but it is practically conducting research on various topics related to Diaspora.


Organization of an international seminar on “Enhancing the Role of Overseas Pakistanis in Nation Building”on 22nd December 2016 to highlight the issues and problems related to overseas Pakistanis.

The following key recommendations of the seminar were disseminated to concerned quarters for implementation. i.e.

  • Integrated Data Bank of Overseas Pakistanis is required to formulate policies for their betterment along with their skills profiles
  • To develop a mechanism to take overseas Pakistanis on board for image building of Pakistan abroad and to increase exports in their host countries.
  • Social coverage and economic rehabilitation of returnee migrants should be ensured.
  • The role of Overseas Pakistanis should be increased in political and policy making institutions of the country.
  • To develop a mechanism for exercising right of vote by Overseas Pakistanis from abroad.
  • The role of Overseas Pakistanis should be encouraged for investment in CPEC and other economic corridors through effective awareness.
  • A regular research work is required on the issues related to Overseas Pakistanis to get in-depth knowledge and information regarding issues and problems being faced by Overseas Pakistanis.

Research Paper on “Reintegration of Returnee Migrant Workers: Significance, Prospects and Challenges for Pakistan

A Research Paper on “Reintegration of Returnee Migrant Workers: Significance, Prospects and Challenges for Pakistan” has been produced by the Division. The Paper is the first endeavor of this Division to analyze the issues and challenges faced by returnee migrant workers and to suggest a suitable way forward and policy recommendations for re-integration of returnee migrant workers.

Seminar on Reintegration of Returnee Migrants-Issues and Challenges

OPF RTPR Division has organized another International Seminar on “Reintegration of Returnee Migrants-Issues & Challenges” on 21st December 2017 at ILO auditorium Islamabad to commemorate the valuable services and the role played by overseas Pakistanis in national development.

The following key recommendations are being compiled i.e.

  • Providing up to-date information to returnee migrants about the skills in demand in GCC countries and guide them about various training centers to improve/polish skills of returnee migrant workers enabling them to seek reemployment abroad
  • Information/awareness campaigns for the returnee migrants workers to avail self-employment opportunities in public and private sector in Pakistan.
  • OPF Reintegration Centre in collaboration with Board of Investment may prepare pre-feasibility studies for small projects/businesses for the returnee migrants.
  • Different policies should be framed for returnee migrants coming from various countries/regions (Europe and Gulf countries)
  • Speedy disposal /clearance of dues with foreign employers of returnee migrants.
  • To create awareness about various initiatives of the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & HRD as well as OPF for establishment of OPF Facilitation and Reintegration Cell (FRC) for Returnee Migrants in OPF building, Islamabad.

Future Plans

In Future the Research Wing of RTPR will work on two directions simultaneously i.e. conducting research on issues/policies related to Diaspora and development of the organization.

The core objectives of Research wing

  • Periodically review the CWA reports and suggest follow up actions.
  • Explore avenues for image building of OPF among expatriates.
  • Explore issues and problems of expatriates.
  • Tap policies for creating liaison between OPF and expatriates.
  • Work as a Think-Tank to furnish recommendations for policy makers and relevant stakeholders.
  • Further research in the areas of changing role of Diaspora, remittances, reintegration of migrants, illegal migration, human smuggling/ trafficking and other relevant issues.

Research Publications

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