Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development, Government Of Pakistan

Reintegration of returnees, a process by which migrants after their return from overseas employment resettle themselves into the social and economic structure of their countries of origin, has been recognized as a significant part of the overall dynamics of labour migration. Approximately 9.87 million Pakistani workers had proceeded abroad after clearance from the offices of Protectorate of Emigrants, Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment during the period 1971 – 2017 (upto June).

As a pilot project a reintegration center is in active consideration. However, this page would act as pivotal point where all queries of returnee Pakistani workers related to re-integration in Pakistan will be answered. It would act as a `One Stop Shop’ where guidance on investment, project feasibility, settlement of out-standing dues from employers abroad and  re-employment opportunities would be made available. Return migrants will be provided information and counselling in various areas, such as overseas employment, rights and protection of migrants, skills development and vocational training programmes in Pakistan. Re-employment abroad and in Pakistan. Assistance in establishing businesses, securing micro-loans and plots in economic zones.

The links of institutions/departments helpful in answering the queries of returnee migrants related to reintegration in Pakistan are available on this site.