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Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development Government of Pakistan

Appointment of External Auditors

Issue Date Closing Date Attachement
03/11/2024 03/25/2024 Download

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Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (Guarantee) Limited, was established through the Emigration Ordinance 1979 and incorporated on 8th July, 1979 as Section 42 Company under the Companies Act, 1913 (now Companies Act, 2017). It is a public sector company to be governed in accordance with Public Sector Companies (Corporate Governance) Rules, 2013.

The primary objective of the Company is to provide social welfare to overseas Pakistanis working or settled abroad, their families and dependents residing in Pakistan. The major activities include housing sector, education sector, welfare sector and head office operations.

OPF intends to appoint a “ARated, and Active Tax Payer Chartered Accountants Firm as External Auditors for the audit of its financial statements especially who has extensive audit experience of companies included in the development of housing schemes, real estate management/mega development projects. The audit firm should be enlisted in Category “A” of state Bank of Pakistan approved list and should have most recent satisfactory QCR rating issued by ICAP. The firm should be registered with all the relevant Revenue Authorities.

Bidding shall be conducted under Rule 36 (b) of PPRA rules 2004 Single Stage – Two (02) envelope containing separately, financial proposal and technical proposal in sealed envelopes.

Tender document shall be issued during office hours till 3:00 pm, from the office of the company, on payment of Rs. 3,000/- (Rupees Three Thousand Only) in shape of pay order, demand draft (non-refundable) in favor of Overseas Pakistanis Foundation. Tender documents can be obtained from Mr. Asghar All, Assistant Director (Finance). The specifications, terms and conditions are mentioned in the tender document.

The bids to be submitted should be clearly marked “Tender for Appointment of External Auditor” and shall be submitted on or before 25th March 2024 (12:00 pm) on and the same will be opened at 12:30 pm of the same day.

Chief Financial Officer

Overseas Pakistanis Foundation

Telephone: 051-9048296

(Monday – Friday) 08:30 AM to 04:30 PM

URI: www.opf.org.pk E-mail: [email protected]

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